MyBrushes Pro - Sketch, Paint and Draw App Reviews

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Lots of features

Really great drawing app with some pretty cool featur es,highly recomme need !


Love Drawing. This app is helpful.

Great Options

Great app with with unlimited coler and medium potential

Helpful tool

Thank you so much for this app. Encouraging to try new methods. Easy to navigate. This is conceived by artists.

So happy!!!!

Finally found my dreamworld drawing app! <3 XD its not too complicated, but it has what I was looking for. Tried everything else and I was sure Id never find something like this! Ill never leave my happy little drawing board ^_^


I only got sucked into buying this app because I saw the 5 star reviews but I cant let this slide. Whoever rated this 5 stars was highly delusional!! Apparently my standards are a lot higher when I pay for an app I expect everything to work swiftly, both to look and feel should be worth the money. Unfortunately this app didnt do it for me. I have used free apps for iPad better than this. I will keep searching for the perfect drawing app for iPhone since this was nowhere near professional.


Its fine up until you make one finger slip and tour masterpiece that youve been working on for days. The playback option is simply horrific for if youre watching or you accidentally click on it then try to click out and go to edit drawing you start over from that point and theres no way of getting back your hard worked drawing, believe me...


Very good

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